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Pick a Plan that Works for Your Business Model

Website design can be overwhelming and mysterious if you’re not familiar with it. We try and keep it simple.  You can choose from one of the plans below, or you can contact us for more information and to design something that meets your needs.

Optional Add-Ons

✔︎  Lead Capture Integrations – offer a freebie when someone signs up for newsletter or email list (starting at $25)

✔︎  Additional pages – additional pages beyond the initial 5 pages (starting at $25)

✔︎  Domain name – if you don’t already have a domain, we can help (starting at $14)

✔︎  Site Hosting – every site needs a place to live. We recommend and use Siteground. (price depends on plan chosen)

✔︎  Online Shop – if you want to sell things, you’ll need a shop.  We can help you set one up (price depends on complexity)

✔︎  Membership Area – this is a place to post calendars and events that is accessed by members only (price depends on complexity)

*Domain & hosting not included – however, they are required for site creation. This plan would be your option if you already own a domain and you already have a hosting service.  Please note that there are minimum hosting requirements, and you may be required to upgrade your plan if it does not meet those requirements.

**Shop installation does not include adding products to the shop.  Product pages may be purchased individually or in packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!

Do I need a domain and hosting?

You do!  Your domain is the address where your website lives.  Hosting is like the land your house (your website) sits on.  We require specific criteria for hosting services, and if you choose our most popular plan, you get a year of hosting with Siteground.  They are one of the top WordPress hosts in the world today!

Is a website really that important?

Absolutely!  Think about what you do when you hear of a new product or service.  You jump online and you Google it.  Then you head to their website and your opinion begins to form.  These days, a website is often the first impression you get to make. If your site is outdated or looks like it was designed in the 1980s, then many people will question your viability as a company and your legitimacy!  Crazy, but true!

How do I get started?

That’s easy!  Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.  We’ll tell you what we need from you in order to get started.  We’ll also go over all the financial aspects so there are no surprises.  You’ll pay us 50% up front to get started and the remainder upon completion.

What if I want something really specific?

Let us know!  If we can do it, we’ll work with you to make it happen.  If it’s not something we can do, we’ll let you know that, too, and we’ll see if we can find someone who can make your vision a reality.

Why should I pay you to do this?

Why do you pay your mechanic to change the oil in your car?  You can absolutely do this yourself if are you dedicated to spending hours setting things up, adjusting color schemes, uploading images, tweaking settings, and more, and if you know how to use WordPress, its plugins, and customizations.

Your other option is to pay another company to build your site. Unfortunately, most of them cost much more, and often you get a cookie-cutter site with generic images, making it difficult to set your school apart from the competition.

I’ve been building WordPress sites for over a decade, so I can tackle the heavy lifting giving you back the time to focus on what really matters – growing your students and your school.   I take your images and words and create a site that speaks your school’s language, all for an affordable flat or monthly investement.

What's WordPress?

Wordpress is basically the backbone of your website. It’s what makes it work.  You can dress it up with different things, and you can add additional tools (called plugins), but without the backbone, nothing works. WordPress is super reliable! It’s open source and about 30% of the web is built on it!
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